13 Spooky Good Halloween Hacks


Let’s get real. Halloween requires a whole lot of creativity, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with cute costumes, adorable pumpkin ideas, tasty party food and festive home decor. Enter, clever Halloween hacks — 13 of them, to be exact (totally spooky, right?).


Make a Wine Keg Using a Pumpkin

Serve Hallo-wine at your Halloween party using pumpkins as vessels for your favorite box wine. Guests will applaud your creativity.

Use a Cookie Cutter to Carve a Pumpkin

Tired of carving the classic jack-o’-lantern? This year, carve a pumpkin with a Halloween-themed cookie cutter, instead. 

Light your Pumpkins with Christmas Lights

Make a twinkly, starry outdoor display with pumpkins and Christmas lights. First, completely hollow out the pumpkins, and create a pattern of holes on each pumpkin using a drill. Then, fill each hole with a Christmas light, and plug them in.



Make a Spooky Wreath with Ping-Pong Balls

Craft a super-easy, googly-eyed wreath to playfully spook trick-or-treaters upon their arrival. Buy two to three bags of white Ping-Pong balls, and hot glue them on a foam wreath form in layers. Once the wreath form is covered, attach small and large googly eyes.

Turn Trash Bags into Spider Webs

All you need to make these creepy hanging spider webs are black trash bags, tape and scissors. Ballin' on a budget, my friends.

Use Leftover Candy Corn as Decor

I realize some people truly love candy corn, but I know there are some wishy-washy people out there like me. I’ll eat a piece or two, sure, but I don’t love it. Instead of throwing away the rest of the bag, dump the leftovers into glass hurricanes with pretty pillar candles, and set the hurricanes on the front porch to greet guests. Be sure to blow out the candles before they burn below the candy.


Be a Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure

Did you forget to come up with a Halloween costume? This ultra-clever stick figure idea is for you. Grab an all-black outfit, glow sticks and packing tape, and prepare for *glowing* reviews.

Make a Last Minute Kid Costume Using a Hoodie

No time to sew a masterpiece for your little one? Craft a simple costume out of a basic hoodie, instead. These ideas are so cute, nobody will know the difference.

Turn an Old Shirt into a Dog Costume

Bring the phrase, “working like a dog,” to life with an old dress shirt and a cheap clip-on tie. This hilarious dog costume is sure to be a hit with friends.


Turn a Margarita into a Morgue-A-Rita

Instead of concocting a difficult cocktail for your Halloween guests, make a tried-and-true crowd pleaser with a spooky twist. You only need two extra ingredients to make the oozy green slime.

Make (Healthy) Monsters with Apples

Kids will adore this nutritious snack that’s just as adorable as it is tasty. 

Make Edible Eyeballs with Cheese Rounds

You’ll only need three ingredients to make these creepy eyeballs. The cheese-based appetizer is perfect for a Halloween party.

Make Scary Fingers with Goat Cheese

Another creepy, cheese-based recipe, this appetizer would pair perfectly with the edible eyeballs to make a spook-tacular cheese tray. 


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