I recently read the book "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek. It was an eye opening read.  While I always subconsciously work from a stand point of "why", I tend to operate from a stand point of "what."

The biggest takeaway I got from the book is the first step in anything you want to do needs to be driven by your "why."  When you can get clear on "why" it's not a task or punishment to achieve.  It's a mission, a focus and self driving force within you.

Here are a few quick tips to consider when starting towards a goal:

1. Hash out a crystal clear written explanation of what you want.  That means pick up a pen or open an Evernote app and write it down. Be exhaustive about the details. "I want to lose weight" does not cut it.  Give me details.

2. Get clear on why you're doing it.  You actually may find your real reason isn't worth it.

3. If the reason moves you write it down.  This is your reminder when things get hard.  When you find the real why a reminder is helpful.

Setting goals should be more than something you put on your vision board or post on Instagram.  Discovering your real why will help you achieve what you actually say you want.  Find that why!



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  • My reason is it’s easier for me to have something ready. It helps me not stress over what I’m eating for the next few days and it help me track my calories better.


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