The Key Though Challenge Day 4 - Party Smart


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean having zero fun. But making smart choices when you go out can make it easier to get back on track. (When's the last time you made smart food choices while hungover? Never? Same.) Tonight, enjoy any and all celebrations with these few tips.

1. Don't go out starving. Whether it's to dinner and/or drinks, you need a little something in your belly to make sure that your head will be driving the bus, not your stomach. It's just too easy to end up facedown in the bread basket and ordering a heavier entrée (which will make you puffy and sleepy) or cocktailing too fast and ending your night early (because you need to go home to prepare for the massive hangover you're about to have).  Go-to pre-party snacks: a serving of nuts, an almond milk protein shake with some kale blended in, or a bunch of raw spinach wrapped into a medium tortilla with a little bit of melted cheese and chili flakes.

2. Alternate between drinks and waters. A 1:1 ratio is the goal. Not only is this good for hydration and digestion, but for pacing yourself. (Or consider skipping the alcohol altogether.

3. Don't be afraid of a late night snack.  Yes, seriously. When you get home at night, have a mini meal. Your body will be long overdue for calories, so eating will fire up your metabolism and help you break down all the sugar and carbohydrates from the evening (versus just storing them as fat). My go-to is eggs, made any way you like 'em!


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