Mood Boosters

The Key Though Challenge Day 16 - Mood Boosters

Here are a few ideas to raise your mood.

  • Waste a little time: Spend just a little time today (or every day!) doing something you enjoy as opposed to something that provides some sort of productive outcome. Watching a guilty pleasure TV show(Bravo Challenge is good for that 😆), falling into an internet hole of cat GIFs—anything. The only requirement: Don't feel guilty about it!

  • Feel the #bodylove: Do something to give your body a little TLC, such as a body scrub, massage, acupuncture, Epsom salt soak, etc. Or get your nails "did"

  • Minute meditation: You can do it anytime, but consider a mini-meditation before bed to help slow your brain and prep for restful sleep (Remember #SleepClub? We need to keep it going!)


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