How to make content


1. Define Your Brand
- This will ensure that your content is consistent and relevant to your brand and that anyone who views it can recognize it as yours.

2. Figure Out Your Audience
- Who are you trying to reach with your content? This will help you determine the types of content to focus on and the channels that are right for your target customers.

3. Create a Strategy Framework
- This will contain all the details of what, when, where, and why that will inform and guide the content creation process.

4. Decide Which Format of Content You Want to Produce
- Videos, blog posts, infographics—they all have their place in your content strategy and it's up to you how you use them. What's non-negotiable, however, is that they tell a story.

5. Research & Brainstorm Ideas
- Looking at content creation examples from your competitors may help generate some ideas (either things to do or things to avoid).

6. Outline Which Tactics You're Going to Experiment With
- Now that you've got your content together, how are you going to promote or distribute it? You have to be productive with your marketing efforts.


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