Cookies 101


1. Testing before baking the whole batch in a go!

The first and foremost secret to best Cookie baking is testing. If you try any new cookie recipe, always bake a single cookie first. Note the baking time required. All ovens behave differently. Adjust the temperature if needed.

2. Eggs at room temperature

Your eggs need to be at room temperature or they will not rise as you want. If your eggs are cold, immerse them in lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes to bring them to room temperature.

3. Butter at room temperature

This is another important ingredient, if your butter is warm or too cold, it will not be creamy when you mix it with sugars. So your butter needs to be at room temperature so it can be whisked easily.

4. Best-quality chocolate chips

Try to use the best quality chocolate chips. You can also use your favorite chocolate and chop it but keep it in the fridge until you mix. So it’s hard and doesn’t melt in the batter.

5. Flour tips on baking cookies

DO NOT dig your cup in flour and fill it! You'll pack your flour tightly and add extra flour to the recipe. Always spoon the flour into the measuring cup for correct measurement. A single extra spoon can make your cookie comparatively tough.

6. Avoid over-beating

If you are using a stand mixer, this tip is for you. Avoid the beating of eggs in cookie dough. You will fill too much air in cookies and when they will cool after baking, they'll go flat. 

7. Oven temperature

Always follow the recipe temperature and timing precisely and bake on the middle shelf of the oven. Usually, 325-400 F is recommended.

8. Bake one batch at a time

Concentrate on one batch at one time. Cookies burn quickly, and ovens have a hot spot so baking one batch at a time gives the best results. If you have to bake lots of cookies and try then rotating trays can help you achieve even browning of all cookies.

9. Freezing leftover cookie dough

Scoop them or roll them and keep in the freezer for 30 minutes or until they firm up. Then put them in a large box. You can also freeze the dough directly but then you need to thaw it and then scoop it on a baking tray. 


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