5 Meaningful Activities to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day


1. Read books together

- Books serve as a magnificent way to introduce these important values to you as well as to your child and can be used as a guide to engaging in meaningful conversations about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, life, and legacy. 

Here are some books that celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s important legacy: 

* I Have a Dream by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Kadir Nelson

* March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World by Christine King Farris


* The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore


2. Create systemic change by taking a "day on" to advocate for voting rights for all

- As Martin Luther King Jr. taught, America’s systems are built on a history of slavery, racism, and inequality — and they need to be changed to reflect the values we claim as a country. Values of fairness, justice, freedom, and equality for all. 

3. Work to end racism in your own life by continuing to learn about antiracism—and taking action in your everyday life

- In the process of dedicating ourselves to the task of overcoming racism, we have to educate ourselves. We can learn about covert white supremacy, follow organizations leading the way for racial equity and justice, watch films, listen to podcasts, and read books. 

And once we’ve learned better, as Maya Angelou said, “we can do better.”

4. Go do something good

- If time is an issue, much like digitally transcribing historical documents, there are plenty of altruistic apps and websites available that allow anyone to volunteer and help others any time they can. “On-demand volunteering” apps and websites are available to help those with vision impairments, those who need help with language translation, or those looking for career or mentoring advice.

Tim Adkins from Hands on Atlanta believes volunteering is a way you can better your community and yourself at the same time.

5. Share your dreams with the "I Have A Dream" activity

- After reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” book, ask your child to share his dreams. Discuss ways that your family can follow the example of Dr. King and make the world a better place. 


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